Issue: Biking and Transportation

We need to mend the relationship between the city and the Ada County Highway District. We must remember that we don’t represent two small conflicting groups of people; we represent the needs of our community.

  • Our Bicycle Community – As your Councilwoman, I vow to research and understand our transportation needs, the best placement of bicycle lanes, and the areas of highest concern for transportation needs. As a bike commuter myself, I understand the desire to keep Boise air clean. We should make it easy for individuals who want to commute and who care about Boise air to do so.
  • Partnerships – Currently, there are groups in Boise dedicated to biking and commuting that have done their research. Let’s bring in the experts and collaborate to create an effective plan!
  • Public Transportation – There are incredible benefits that come with a well-developed transportation system: fewer accidents, employment accessibility, as well as economic gains that come with commuting. While it is aesthetically and technologically advancing, as your Councilwoman I will continue to understand the importance and priority-level status of improved transportation options.