Issue: Inclusivity and Community Voices

Community involvement in council decisions is the most important part of my campaign. I am here to represent each member of our community. I want feedback from the community as it offers opportunities for engagement with those I will serve.  As it stands, there is no representation by council members specific to districts within our city. One issue that arises from the lack of engagement is limited perspective and in turn reduced representation for neighborhoods. This has a detrimental impact on the unique issues of each community.

  • Open hours – Mayor Bieter is known for his open hours on Saturdays where community members are invited to engage with no appointment necessary. As your Councilwoman, I vow to have open hours on a regular basis including availability via email and telephone.
  • Public Comment – The community should have the opportunity to offer public comment on controversial city issues. Presently the city decides which topics receive public comment. Oftentimes community issues, such as the F35s (see Campaign Platform > F35s), are too controversial to open up to the public. It is MOST important to me that we hear from community members specifically about controversial topics.
  • Weekly Opportunity for Feedback – The City Council meets every Tuesday evening. I will campaign for an ongoing opportunity for community feedback. Whether it’s extended Tuesday night meetings or lunch hour sessions.
  • Community Voices BEFORE Council Decisions – When I am your City Councilwoman, you can count on opportunities for public feedback BEFORE we make decisions.
  • System Change – Many cities around the United States utilize a system for city council in which council members represent different areas of the city to ensure all voices and issues are included. The Boise City Council does not use this model and I plan to push this conversation with my fellow city council members in hopes for agreement and positive change.