IMG_7629Naomi Johnson is a proud Idahoan with a strong connection to her community. Born and raised in Twin Falls, she has a vested interest in the rights of Idaho’s people and families. As a community organizer and social worker, she works side by side with residents from all walks of life to improve our community.

Naomi has tirelessly worked to improve the vitality of her community and the well-being of her community members.  She has organized and hosted open events that aid community involvement surrounding topics of local participation in government, state-political education, and voting education.  She has volunteered for and raised money towards providing education and aid to marginalized groups in the community.

Naomi talking to the media about her work as a community organizer

Naomi graduated in 2014 with her Masters in Social Work, which provided her an ever-growing platform for civic engagement.  Since 2013, Naomi has provided mental health and case management services through her work with Veterans locally, as well as crisis services to victims of domestic violence.

Naomi’s focus on issues of social justice and civic engagement, her work as a civic organizer, and her background in social work, provide a platform to aid Boise as it continues to grow and meet the needs and issues of all its community members.