Happy Fall! What’s City Council Up To?

Hey Ya’ll – HAPPY FALL!
I hope these cooler months will give you all time to follow what’s happening in City Council. Just this last Tuesday they voted on language that basically gives the City a backdoor route to building a sports park / stadium. Check out Boise State Public Radio coverage as well as the live stream from that night.
In my opinion, this language moves a controversial project out of the hands of the community itself and behind closed doors. What are your thoughts?
“The Boise City Council voted 3-2 to keep the language of the original resolution they unanimously passed in August. A condition in the agreement stipulated if the city sells the Grove, it must be sold to a government agency and proceeds have to go toward the design, planning, or construction of a sports park.” Boise State Public Radio, link below.
For the record, I would have voted NOT to keep the original language alongside Lauren McLean and Elaine Clegg.
City Council Live: https://bit.ly/2CDCOTR
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