Affordable Housing, The City, and CVS

This weekend I participated in a rally at the Arcade Building on State St right across from Albertsons.

If you all remember during my City Council candidacy we heard the City and TJ Thomson say that affordable housing is not in their hands, that the Idaho Constitution basically removes their power as a city to enforce policy.

I REFUSE this excuse.

When projects like CVS – big money developers – come in and dominate our blocks we really see who holds power over the council. But it’s not out of their hands. Denying projects like this, the power to deny projects like this exposes exactly that – who the responsibility belongs to – THE CITY.

We should not have to testify, the council should represent our best interests without us begging them to.

Ask anyone on Council if we are in a housing crisis, they will say yes. And why are we in this crisis? Because the City is hands-off.

Because the City has shown us that developers and big dollars ultimately lead the City’s decisions we must be active.

On December 4th, 6pm at City Hall, Planning and Zoning will take public comment. This decision will be made in a matter of weeks. If CVS rolls in, we lose the numerous units that currently have human beings in them, these are affordable housing units.

We must demand that the City starts proving to us that they care about the crisis. PLEASE SHOW UP.